Raw Indian Hair
100% Premium Quality.
Raw Indian Hair
Made of only Raw Unprocessed Hair
Raw Indian Hair
All cuticles intact and in a single direction
Raw Indian Hair
Easily washable, heat-styled, and can be dyed to any color

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Welcome to Your Luxury Indian Hair.

Your only stop for all kind of Luxurious Indian Hair Extensions! Enjoy our wide variety of hair extensions, specially designed to suit your need and revive your hair game.

Why Luxury Indian Hair?​

We aim to provide women with Unprocessed Raw Luxury Indian Hair Extensions so they can enliven their everlasting dream of experimenting with different hairstyles. With our human hair extensions:

  • Add length or volume to your hair.
  • Enjoy different hairstyles.
  • Color your hair without any damage fear
  • Add texture to your hair instantly. 
  • Change your hair game within a few minutes.
  • More importantly, feel Luxurious.

Mission Statement

Empowering You with Indian Hair Extensions.

Buying hair can be real tedious at times, we all love to have natural looking hair which are raw and 100% unprocessed! We, at Luxury Indian Hair, strive to make this process easier for you by providing only natural-looking raw Indian hair extensions.

Our mission is to proffer luxurious Indian hair extensions that provide women with the feeling of self-love, confidence, and grace. We aim to help women in customizing their looks by using our different type of hair extensions, such as Weft Hair Extensions and Clip in hair extensions.

Our Commitment​

  • To provide 100% Premium Quality.
  • Made of only Raw Unprocessed Hair.
  • All cuticles intact and in a single direction.
  • Easily washable, heat-styled, and can be dyed to any color.
  • Provide no damage to your natural hair.
  • Ethically sourced and sustainable making process.
  • Easy-to-use, get longer and luxurious hair in minutes.


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